2018 meeting dates


We got the calendar out and came up with all the important dates for the year, including the first South Island competition of 2018!  Get these in your diary now.  Right now!  Go!

January Monthly Meetup Saturday January 20th 2018 1 to 3pm

February Monthly Meetup Saturday February 2018 17th 1 to 3pm

March Monthly Meetup Saturday March 2018 17th 1 to 3pm

***COMPETITION*** Saturday April 21st 2018 is the first South Island competition of 2018!

April Monthly Meetup Sunday April 22nd 2018 1 to 3pm

May Monthly Meetup Saturday May 19th 2018 1 to 3pm

June Monthly Meetup, Saturday June 16th 2018 1 to 3pm

July Monthly Meetup Saturday July 21st 2018 1 to 3pm

August Monthly Meetup Saturday August 18th 2018 1 to 3pm

September Monthly Meetup Saturday September 15th 2018 1 to 3pm

October Monthly Meetup Saturday October 20th 2018 1 to 3pm

November Monthly Meetup Saturday November 17th 2018 1 to 3pm

December Monthly Meetup Saturday December 15th 2018 1 to 3pm