Christchurch Speedcubers Championships October 2020, tickets now available!

This October holidays we’re back for another club championship! This is a whole day of solving cubes in the format of a World Cube Association (WCA) competition.

Please note this is an UNOFFICIAL competition, but a great way to get some comp practice in before they start again in late October in Wellington, as well as a great way to spend a day and meet some new and old friends!

This event is open to anyone of any ability, but is primarily designed as a school holiday program for under 18s.

Please bring your own lunch. Snacks and drinks are included in the ticket price.

Get your tickets and check out all of the info here!

Upcoming meeting details! August, September, October.


The Sunday August 16th meeting will be at the Heathcote Valley Community Centre, from 230pm to 430pm.


The Sunday September 20th meeting will be at Tūranga the Christchurch Central Library in the Activities room on the 1st floor from 1 to 3pm.


The Sunday October 18th meeting will be at Tūranga the Christchurch Central Library, room TBC, from 1 to 3pm.


Friday October 9th at the Heathcote Valley Community Centre from 9am to 5pm. Ticket details will be released soon!


Christchurch Speedcubers Championship 2020!

Hi everyone!

Those of you who have been coming for a long time will remember I’m sure how much fun we had at our unofficial competition held in 2018.


Next Thursday, July 16th at Heathcote Valley Community Centre from 9 to 5 pm we’ll run an unofficial competition to have some fun, get in some comp style practice and most importantly spend a whole day in the holidays solving cubes! It’s $30 for the day, snacks and refreshments will be provided, (but bring your own lunch!) and all proceeds will go straight back into supporting the club 🙂

Purchase your ticket at Eventbrite, and be quick because numbers are limited!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there! (PS the club will also run as usual on Sunday 19th from 1 ’til 3)


Meetings cancelled until further notice :(

Hi everyone

Unfortunately, given what’s happening in the country at the moment with Covid-19, and the advice I’ve had from a number of sources, it’s pretty clear that I need to cancel our meetings until further notice.

I know this will come as a blow to a lot of our members, but I have to take our safety and the safety of the wider population seriously in this unprecedented (and very, very strange) time.

BUT THERE’S GOOD NEWS TOO! I have a solution so people can still cube together online!

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We have a new home!

I’m super pleased to announce that we have a new home at Tūranga, the Christchurch Central Library!

We will be meeting here each third Sunday of the month from now on. We’ll assemble near the giant touch screens just inside the main entrance.

I anticipate their might be a little bit of finding our way in the first few meetings, as the library haven’t hosted a group quite like ours before, but I’m sure we’ll settle in quickly.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up to our newsletter! And you can check out the dates and times for our meetings here.


Work in progress!

We are currently in the process of finding a new home, and hopefully I’ll have some more news for you soon! Keep checking here, and sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t done already.

We’re also going to take the opportunity to switch the day we meet to a Sunday from now on after feedback from a heap of members and parents.

Oh and there’s an update to how we record times coming too.

So quite a lot happening! Thanks for your patience while we get on top of all this noise. Change is exciting!

Keep practicing!


Christchurch Speedcubers Championship 2018


We had SUCH an awesome time at the first ever Christchurch Speedcubers Championship!   Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a success.

We made some awards!

We were excited to introduce some awards and super custom solid gold trophies at the Championship!  Massive congratulations to:

  • Caleb aka G-Perm, who won most events completed!
  • Finn, who won most DNFs!
  • Oliver “Choke” Jenks who won fastest single 3×3!
  • James Cropp who won slowest single 3×3!
  • Misha, with a time of 40 minutes and 55 seconds for the 5×5, won slowest single any event!

Top 8 head to head final results…

2×2 – Jake!  (Although we did have to handicap Noel in the final by giving him no inspection time!)
3×3 – Noel!  (Oliver handicapped himself in the final by choking, with some encouragement from the spectators :P)


Check out all of the results from the day here